SOLD 1981 Porsche 911 SC Targa Top

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I will try and give a lengthy detailed description of the car and what it needs.

1981 Porsche 911SC Targa Top in Original untouched finish, only offered for a couple years in the early 80’s.
This car runs perfect with a very tight and strong Engine that has never been rebuilt. It could use the seals replaced, there is a slow oil drop.
OD stopped at 70+k, but there is actually about 85k miles on the car. They say there is a small gear that cracks in the OD that has to be replaced. This car was purchased by my father in 1984, so I know the history pretty well. This car still has the original brakes on it, but comes with an extra set.
The Clutch was replaced in the early 90’s, and the first gear Synchro is out, other wise shifts smoothly with no issues.
The Key switch also needs to be replaced, a tumbler is frozen or something not allowing it to turn, so you can see in the picture the coder hanging to start. I DO have a Rebuilt Ignition switch for it un installed with Key and Light that works.

It has a New front Windshield and seal. The car has never been in any accident nor any major work done to it or mods. Its a perfect car for someone who wants an untouched early 80’s Porsche to work on and freshen up.
It has a nice fair share of chips and marks all over it from the years showing the white undercoat. There is a dry touch up bottle for the color code. I would never consider repainting it, but has considered doing a pro touch up job… There is NO Rust!

I considered keeping it myself, but I have an 07 S Cab and just find it hard to spend time with this one when the S Cab needs love too…..