sold 1964 VW Beetle Convertible

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1964 VW Beetle Convertible Restored last year.


I was almost finished with it last Nov and we took it to Turkey Run in FL over Thanksgiving. the second day pulling out of the track a guy in a pickup truck Backed into the front of it.

I’ve been planning to fix it this summer and finish it for my wife but after 8 months of sitting in Garage and we are about to start build our house I’m just letting it ago.

as far as restore, pans, control arms, everything has been done and coated in Por15 to protect. The engine was restored at Rusty Bottom Garage!! Billy is the man.

Its a hard post and Ive spent a fortune on it but someone will enjoy.
Comes with tons of parts, new top and all. Just needs to be fitted and things tighten up , but a fun car to jump in and run around. Runs and handles wonderful!