sold 1970 Pontiac GTO 455 Original

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I wish I had been warned before I used them to start a restore on a pontiac GTO. Original estimate was 8500 for some engine work, not a rebuild but headers, cam, carb, SS exhaust. Little high, but I figured they would do a great job and seemed to be a nice shop. Later we added cutout on the exhaust, disc brakes to the front and lowered the car 2″, all was to be around 11k. After months of requesting a new estimate total and over 10k paid in with another draw requested I had had enough….. Jim said that they would get it all together and me a final total…. understand, for 3 months I had asked for a new estimate… in the end the total was 19.5k…. I about crapped my self.
Don’t get into any dealing with the Hotrod shop and expect them to do what they say…. you won’t be happy and also, the exhaust pipes aren’t even SS!!

Hotrod shop in College grove, tn 37046