sold 70 Challenger w/426 Hemi

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This is a beautiful rotisserie restored 1970 Challenger with a number of upgrades and loaded with a 1966 426 Hemi.

Just finished the rebuild a month ago from a builder up on Mi who specializes in Mopars. The body is all metal and Original rear ¼, this is all metal and replacements with one replaced front fender which is a true 70’s front right fender. All metal car from AZ! The Paint was done many years ago. A father and son where building the car, but after the father got sick the body sat for years until purchased and finish with the Hemi.

The stripes are painted correctly, this aren’t decals! The car is about 99.5% complete with basic debugging things. THIS is Basically a New Car! It has 90 miles on the car. Everything is new, fresh engine, ball joints, etc. The rearend is a 355 and the 4 speed with console. New interior except door panels are original. Tons of documents with the car from previous owners with photo’s of rotisserie.

Imperfections in finish are a spot on the top of each rear fender, looks like oil or something in the paint. But just those spots, not sure if they could be cut down flat or not. Few scratches around the body, but nothing through the paint or anything. This is an amazing Car and fit and finish. The Price is a steal!

This car was originally a 318 car in in Plum Crazy. Last picture shows all the documentation on the car from its past owners as well as a folder with the fender tag still retaining the plum crazy color

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